The Method To The Madness

FIGHT- TRAIN- SWEAT (The method behind the madness) 

All of our classes are programmed by our fitness trainer for you to be able to attend multiple classes a week, and even consecutive days in a row. One of the ways we are able to achieve this is through our 3 class structures, Fight, Train, and Sweat.

Fight is a cardio boxing bag class. This class is 2 minute boxing rounds broken up with 1 minute bodyweight calisthenic movements. In the cardio class you want to think of it like you are going on a run and trying to maintain a steady pace. There aren’t any set breaks in this class, so you want to try to keep your heart rate and breathing consistent where you don’t need to stop and start every couple of seconds. Trying to maintain a steady pace while keeping moving the entire class will keep you in that cardio burning zone the longest. When taking the Fight class, challenge yourself to stay moving the entire time, even if you need to slow your pace a little bit. 


Train is a strength and resistance boxing bootcamp style class. This is the class that incorporates other types of resistance and equipment to work on building strength and endurance. With longer boxing rounds, think of working on more technique and movement to keep you active. During the strength and resistance rounds, you will want to choose a weight that is challenging for you to complete that series of sets and reps. The rep count is always the lowest in this class, if you are able to breeze through those reps with little muscle fatigue, grab some heavier weights. When taking this class you always want to be thinking slow and controlled movements and focus on using that added resistance. 


Sweat is a high intensity interval training circuit class. There are 18 unique boxing and exercise rounds throughout the room, you complete each round one time and then you are finished. The rounds are short with quick transitions in between to each round. Working specifically on heart rate training and trying to build your aerobic capacity, you want to think of this class as max effort every round. Short sprints to failure and then small rests in between. When taking this class, you want to think max effort until you physically have to stop and catch your breath, then bring your heart rate down slightly to spike it back up again. Training at this intensity should only be done 1-2 times per week to really see the maximum results with adequate recovery time. 


It is not healthy to do high intensity workouts every single day. The best results for fitness occur when you have a mix of cardio, strength, and hiit workouts each week. Our classes lineup with these specific types of training and focus on the heart rate zones as well to help you better see your metrics.