Fight Week

What the heck is Fight Week? Will I be fighting somebody? Am I going to get hit?- No Way! 

Here’s the scoop on Punch’s signature most fun and challenging week of workouts: 

Experience what it’s like to train intensely as a fighter getting prepared for an upcoming big fight. The workouts are programmed for you to attend class everyday that week (Monday-Friday) to get prepared for Fight Day (Saturday). 

Each day has a different goal to focus on, for example- one class might have boxing rounds with heavier weights at the end to work on training explosive movements to help work on power punches. Another day might be all boxing and speed drills to work on coordination and speed throughout a nonstop punching series. The day before the fight will be a lesser intensity workout with longer stretching and recovery time. The idea is to train everyday this week to be prepared to crush your Fight Day workout challenge on Saturday. 

Fight week is designed to challenge you physically and mentally. We will push you, but you will need to push yourself and prove to yourself that you can do it. We would like to ask that if you have not been working out consistently, please work at your own pace, but also give us your best effort. You will need to make sure you are adequately fueling yourself for the workouts with the proper nutrition, increased hydration, and quality sleep. 

Completing all of Fight Week is a huge accomplishment and is encouraged for all members to strive for.