Meal Prepping

Meal prepping does not have to be eating soggy rice and chicken for every meal. There are lots of different ways that you can prepare meals or food for yourself for the upcoming week. The biggest tip is to just make it easy for yourself. If you hate cooking chicken, then buy it precooked. Take some time on the weekend or when you have a few hours and plan out your meals, make a list, and go grocery shopping. Pick some fun new recipes and make it an exciting part of your week.

Try to pick a few sources of protein, complex carbs, and produce that you can easily grab. By prepping these ingredients for the week, you will be able to quickly make meals and be less likely to choose an unhealthier option. Some examples are cooking a large portion of rice or potatoes so that you can pair that with protein during the week for a quick meal. Chop up vegetables and fruit so that they are easy to grab and utilize during the week. Another option is to cook several portions of a meal you enjoy and then put it in containers so that you don’t need to cook at all during the week. You can pick what works best for you and what you know you will stick with.

When at the grocery store, stick to your plan of what you want to make and choose ingredients accordingly. This way you won’t buy too much or unnecessary things you don’t need. You’ll save money and won’t waste as much food. Stick to the outside aisles (perimeter) to get the majority of your groceries and the inside aisles to get a few packaged things. Or if you hate grocery shopping and going to the store, you can have them delivered straight to your front door. Pick what works best for for you and let’s get ready for a great week!