Tracking Progress

There are many ways to track your progress especially regarding your health and fitness. If you base all of your value into just one method, you could be disappointed.

Scale- a basic scale is used to strictly measure in pounds how much you weigh. Now our weight fluctuates daily, even throughout the day. So if you are going to use this a measurement tool, you’ll want to make sure you weigh yourself at the same time everyday to be most accurate. One of the biggest downfalls of using a scale is the jay it does not take muscle mass into consideration, which is a big factor especially when trying to get in better shape. You could be gaining muscle and losing fat, however the scale might go up which can discourage you even though you might be doing great!

Photos- taking progress photos is one of the most powerful forms of tracking progress. You might not see the small changes in your body day to day, however when you look back at photos you can really compare and notice the changes. This is a great way to also remember how far you’ve come if you do this for a long time.

Clothes- your clothes fitting better or getting looser is a way to track how your body might be changing. Going down a few sizes, can be such a powerful feeling.

Strength- being able to lift heavier weights or perform more reps with the weight shows an increase in strength. Increases in strength mean increase in muscle mass which can help give a more toned and muscular physique.

Endurance- improved endurance might look like taking less breaks during class, getting to your set goal faster on the assault bike, or performing more reps in a row.

All of these different aspects help to show progress overtime. Try to pick a few that will help keep you on track and not get discouraged. Stay consistent and you will see big changes overtime.