How to Make the Most of Your Workouts


Fail to prepare- prepare to fail. One of the best ways to set yourself up for a successful workout is to adequately prepare. Lay out your clothes the night before or pack them in your car so that you are all ready for your workout. Schedule your class early and put it in your calendar.

Fuel Up

You want to fuel your body with a pre workout snack or meal. Think of it like a car, you have to put gas in your car if you want it to move, same thing with your body. The best preworkout meal would be something with easily digestible carbohydrates and some protein. This should be eaten 1-2 hours before workout.

Get Your Mind Right

Think of your workout as your “me time.” This is your time to forget about your day no matter what happened and just focus on yourself for an hour. Listen to music that pumps you up or gets you excited in the car on your drive in. Or read some inspirational quotes/ messages to get in the workout mindset.

Work Hard

During your workout, give it your all! Don’t hold back, you can do hard things. Make yourself proud by pushing past what you think your limits are. By giving a little extra effort when you really don’t want to is how you get a little bit stronger everyday.


Work hard, recover harder. You know the feeling after a great workout you feel on top of the world. Follow that up with a nutritious post workout meal. Focus on protein, accompanied with a balance of fats and carbohydrates as well. Make sure you get enough sleep and also stretch. This will let your muscles recover and prevent lactic acid build up.