Fitness Terms Frequently Used in Class


As many rounds as possible. This is when you are given a series of exercises in a set. You want to cycle through that series in the order as many times as possible in that given time frame. We usually do this several times so that next time you go through it you are trying to get another round in or beat the number of rounds you got last time. You have to move quickly to complete these rounds and transition from one exercise to the next.


Every minute on the minute. If you had a set number of reps, say 20, you would complete the 20 reps at the beginning of each minute. When you finish you have the rest of that minute to rest. If you finish in 40 seconds you’d have 20 seconds to rest before the start of the next minute. Get those reps done quickly to give yourself enough time to rest before the start of the next minute. 


A form of high-intensity physical training in which very short periods of extremely demanding activity are alternated with shorter periods of rest, typically over a period of four minutes. . A tabata is one of the most common types of interval heart rate training that is extremely effective and equally as hard. The exact time frame is 20 seconds of work with a 10 second rest. During the 20 seconds your goal is to work as hard as you can and push yourself since it is only a short period of time. After the 20 seconds is up, you get 10 seconds to rest and reset before you go and do it again. In that 10 seconds your heart rate will decrease only slightly before it is spiked back up again next time through. In the 4 minute period, you will do the exercise prescribed 8 times. Some of the benefits of a Tabata workout are: it increases aerobic and anaerobic capacities, it raises metabolism so that you continue burning fat throughout the day, and it is time efficient.