EMOM Explained

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The term EMOM can feel confusing at times depending on the exercise. Below we’ll give you the meaning of EMOM and how to use it to achieve the best possible result!

(EMOM) Every Minute on the Minute

Example of a Calorie or distance goal: If your objective is to reach a distance or calorie goal every minute. This means the “prescribed” distance or number of calories is the goal as quickly within the minute as possible. If you DO NOT KNOW YOUR AVERAGE EMOM distance or calories, here is what to do.. Every EMOM is one minute. So, take your first minute and do the exercise as hard as you can for 40/45 seconds. Whatever you distance or calories are at the 40/45 second time, that should be what you shoot for every minute BUT try to do the same distance or number of calories in lesser time (Resulting in longer rest until the next EMOM begins)

Example of reps goal: Similar to the distance and number of calories. If you are new to EMOM with weights vs reps, start here. (No matter how many prescribed reps) Start the exercise at the start of the first minute. Complete as many reps as you can within 40/45 seconds. That number of reps is what you shoot for. Try to get that number quicker that 40/45 seconds so you have a longer rest.

BY DEFAULT: You should stop at the 45 second make regardless of where you are in your reps, calories, or distance to provide yourself with ample time to recover. and keep in mind. There’s always another minute to practice!